It’s official! We got funding from Hackney Council to offer a Warm Space – a safe, welcoming place where you can enjoy a cuppa and some company.

We’re offering Warm Hours alongside our community programme from 16 JAN to 31 MARCH.

Kids Library Club | TUES 3-6pm

Kids Library Club is from 3.30-5.30pm. This term our Kids Library Club is extended for Warm Hours and includes hot drinks & snacks.

Easy Rollerz | WEDS 9am-1pm

Babies: 10-11am, plus warm hours from 9am.

Tots: 11am-12pm, plus warm hours until 1pm.

Warm Hours includes breakfast & hot drinks.

Friday Lunch Club | FRI 10am-2pm

Lunch is at 12pm. Join from 10am for extended Warm Hours including hot drinks, crosswords & newspapers.