Curated in partnership with Kings Crescent Residents this programme of fitness & wellbeing offers plenty of affordable options for Kings Crescent residents.

DAOIST DYNAMIC TAI CHI | Tuesdays | 6.30-8pm

Cost: £12-15
By Daoist Dynamic Tai Chi

This class will help you find balance, improve flexibility, and reduce stress. It’s run by Helen Wilson who has been training in Lishi for more than 10 years. Let’s flow together and embrace the Daoist philosophy through the graceful movements of Tai Chi. 
These classes are perfect for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

DAOIST DYNAMIC TAI CHI | Thursdays | 7.30-8.30am

Cost: £10-12
By Daoist Dynamic Tai Chi

Early morning warm up class designed to help kickstart your day with a burst of energy and a revitalised spirit. The session will guide you through a series of movements and breathing exercises that will awaken your body and set the tone for a productive day ahead.
Run by Helen Wilson. All levels welcome.

SOUND BATH with Marco | Monthly | 7-8pm

Monthly – last Thursday of the month
Next session: 25 July
Cost: £15 per session
Book HERE.

One hour of full Sound Meditation for relaxation and deep introspection.
Marco is a Sound Therapy Practitioner based in London. Since 2010, Marco has studied Gongs, Himalayan and Crystal Singing bowls.