EuroCamp presents… The Best & The Wurst of Eurovision

  • Ms Sharon's head bursts out of an EU flag. She is clasping her face with her hands and has long red nails that match her hair. This image is to promote The Best of the Best & Wurst of the Wurst, Hackney Showroom's jam packed day of drag and cabaret talent on 9 May in Liverpool.
    Our infamous host, Ms Sharon Le Grand

The Best of the Best & Wurst of the Wurst of Eurovision was a jam-packed day in Liverpool for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. With sensational drag and cabaret talent, we payed homage to legendary acts and iconic Eurovision moments as they battle it out for ultimate glory.

Hosted by Liverpudlian superstar Ms Sharon Le Grand, live acts included Ginny Lemon, Don One, NIcky, Midgitte Bardot, Eat Me, Bolly Illusion and our very own Eurotroupe. Plus DJ Lucia Blayke (founder, Trans Pride).

The Best & The Wurst of Eurovision was commissioned by Liverpool City Council as part of EuroFestival.