Hackney Showroom creates the best conditions for artists and local residents to flourish so that we can create a new future for ourselves and our communities. We build bridges, form bonds and connect people across divides.  

Based out of our NEW HQ on King’s Crescent Estate, N4 we serve a myriad of local communities, offering a warm and refreshing invitation to encounter live cultural experiences and explore future facing ideas. We also work responsively with our neighbours, empowering residents to impact community programmes as well as create and deliver projects themselves.

Over the coming 5 years we’ll be working alongside our partners Kings Crescent Tenants & Residents Association and the London Borough of Hackney to engage locals in events and activities that celebrate and bring joy to our communities as well as enriching learning opportunities.

Our home is also an artist development space where we support non-mainstream theatre makers, working across a range of disciplines to create new work for the stage. We work with some of the most experimental voices in the UK, offering them a rigorous approach to developing their practice, paving the way for artists to make astonishing and memorable work.