MONEY Masterclass Series

A beginner’s guide to understanding the economy

Wednesday evenings from 14 Feb to 28 March 2018 | 7.30-9pm | FREE

Do politicians and economists mystify the system to prevent us from kicking back?  Do you ever get this nagging feeling that if you could just understand how the economy works, you could figure out how to fight for a more equitable society? 

Throughout Feb and March, Hackney Showroom presents a series of free masterclasses for adults living in Hackney on a range of subjects around the economy, debt and finance. Presented in partnership with Positive MoneyNew Economics Foundation MONEY is an accessible, informal series of workshops-lectures-discussions. 


Each session is standalone so you can attend as few or as many as you like:

  • Session 1: Wed 14 Feb – Facts about the Economy Which Will Blow Your Mind
    Hosted by David Clarke (Positive Money), with Antonia Jennings (Economy) & Professor John Weeks (Progressive Economics Group)
  • Session 2: Wed 21 Feb – The Real Reason You Cant Afford Your Rent
    Hosted by Toby Lloyd (Shelter), with Eva Smith (London Renters Union). Plus Faith Taylor (Researcher, QMUL) who will talk about the impact of insecure housing and employment on intimate relationships.
  • Session 3: Wed 28 Feb – Economics of the 1%
    Progressive economist John Weeks looks at how mainstream economics serves the rich.
  • Session 4: Wed 7 March – Colour & Cuts: How racist is our economy?
    With Noni Makuyana from Positive Money, SOAS lecturer Meera Sabaratnam, and activist Joshua Virasami (Campaign Bootcamp, Black Lives Matter and Reclaim Holloway).
  • Session 5: Wed 14 March – The Shocking Secret about Where Money Comes From
    Positive Money lay bear the truth about where money comes from. With Professor Steve Keen (economist & author of ‘Debunking Economics ‘ and ‘Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis?’), Grace Blakeley (Institute for Public Policy Research) and Simon Youel (Positive Money)
  • Session 6: Wed 21 March – Feminist Economics: Beyond the pay gap
    led by Sophie Yates & Noni Makuyana (Positive Money), Özlem Onaran (University of Greenwich and Women’s Budget Group), Antoinette Hage, (International Planned Parenthood Federation) & Zoe Kennedy (Fourth Wave: London Feminist Activists)
  • Session 7: Wed 28 March – The Future of the Economy
    Come and explore the future of money, work, income, data and production with Duncan McCann (New Economics Foundation), Marloes Nicholls (Finance Innovation Lab) and Amy Downes & Stewart Lansley (co-editors of It’s Basic Income)

If you are not living in Hackney but would still like to attend, please wait until the day of the event to book.


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