Carmel Köster & Rene Köster Dance Workshop | Werq in Progress

6 April |  Studio  |  4-6pm  |  £12


This workshop is brought to you by Carmel Köster & Rene Köster AKA CKin2U and Chloe LaGucci, the artists behind the Werq in Progress performance Friday 7 April.

The focus is on physicality, dynamics, texture and technique as well as exploring the participants’ own identity, with the help of choreography and improvisational tasks.

The workshop is divided into two 60 minute sessions. In the first half we deal with exercises investigating the physical body and its abilities, touching base with various techniques used in the piece such as voguing, butoh and contemporary dance in order to understand the movement language in more depth. The second half will be dedicated to working with a piece of choreography and performance, taking sequences and developing relationships, spatial awareness and other performative elements around it.