Talawa Theatre Company | TYPT:17 | Bite Your Tongue

31 August – 2 September | Showroom Big Space | 7.30pm | £8/£5

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A thrilling new show devised by London’s freshest emerging Black talent, produced by Talawa Theatre Company.

Enough is enough!

How long can we do nothing?

How long can we bite our tongues?

In a city fracturing under the weight of hate and fear, a movement grows.

A new tower can be spotted on the skyline, nestled in between the glittering symbols of the city’s wealth and power.

Built by different hands.

Occupied by different bodies.

As the media becomes more divisive and political leaders lay blame on ‘both sides’, Bite Your Tongue asks whether we should find ways to come together or express ourselves on our own terms.

TYPT puts emerging theatre makers together with established artists to develop their practice, test ideas and produce a brand new piece of theatre in just 4 weeks. The whole TYPT process is open to participants, from initial production meetings to script development sessions; from meetings with graphic designers to the get-out.

The results are always exciting.

“…an edge of the seat, riveting play that lingers in the body and mind days after. Talawa never fails to walk straight into the crossfire of the social and political minefield, extract the bodies of the wounded and raise them up positively.” Royal Africa Society Review on TYPT:16’s HATCH