Tranz Talkz

20 Sept – 21 Nov 2018 | FREE | Runtime 2hrs

In response to the lack of public archive present around how queer and trans people navigate public space, Travis Alabanza held conversations across the UK, to discuss and talk with trans folk about their experiences when going outside. The event was aimed at trans and gender non-conforming people –  anyone that had experience with harassment based on their trans/queerness.

The evening was an intimate dinner table format, where guests felt safe to speak and share their experiences, or just to listen.

The conversations were sound recorded (see below), as part of Hackney Showroom and Travis Alabanza’s ongoing documentation of the trans experience, for archiving and heritage collection purposes, in partnership with Bishopsgate Institute and Hackney Museum, supported by the Heritage Lottery Foundation.

The audio recordings formed part of the BURGERZ exhibition that ran from 23 October to 3 November 2018 at Hackney Showroom.

The events took place at the following venues:

TRANZ TALKZ CAMBRIDGE | Cambridge Junction | 21 November, 7pm

TRANZ TALKZ OXFORD | North Wall at the Jericho Tavern | 20 November, 7pm

TRANZ TALKZ MANCHESTER | Royal Exchange | 13 November, 7pm

TRANZ TALKZ LONDON | Hackney Showroom | 4 October, 7pm | Listen Here

TRANZ TALKZ COVENTRY | Belgrade Theatre | 20 September, 7pm





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