The Same Difference

18 Nov | Showroom Big Space | 7.15 | £5


Nneka Onuorah / United States 2015 / 78 min

Confronting expectations of oppressive gender performance and lesbian-on-lesbian discrimination, this compelling documentary becomes a platform for queer women of colour to discuss hypocrisy intersecting race, gender and sexuality.

Director Nneka Onuorah combines powerful spoken word performance, music, interviews, gatherings and direct confrontations to weave together a rich narrative of experiences from bisexual invisibility and studs bearing the children in their relationship to restrictively specific dress codes and silent disciplining that occurs between community members. Each encounter makes a mark and an influence on one another, including cameos from Lea DeLaria and Felicia “Snoop” Pearson (The Wire). This is just one moment in a continuing dialogue.

Screening with I KISSED A GIRL / Jen Sheridan / United States 2015 / 12 min

Six lesbians talk about their first striking kiss that set off the sparks. Let’s just all take a moment to remember why we’re here.

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