Oriana Fox | The O Show: Killer Conversations

5 April |  Showroom Studio & Bar  |  7pm  |  Free or £5 donation

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Are you shy? Do you dread small talk? Are you aching to come out of your shell? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then you are the target audience for this episode of The O Show!

Join Oriana Fox and her expert guests to learn about shyness-defying, confidence-boosting methods for talking to strangers, whether your aim is to find sex, love or simply a respite from internet-induced isolation. This show reflects our deeply held belief that candour and stunning choreography are the answer to today’s fractured society.

Oriana’s first guest will be the socially engaged artist Phoebe Davies who will discuss her approach to creating spaces where ideas can be exchanged, taboos can be confronted and hard subjects can be broached. Second guest, the performer/curator Brian Lobel will share insights into flirtation gleaned through his project Cruising for Art. My third and final guest will be the performance artist Marcia Farquhar whose practice of associative and articulate musings has included a durational piece in which she spoke for 32 hours straight.

Be a part of our live studio audience and get the chance to apply their guidance and tips to your real life conundrums with love, support and surveillance.

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