Thank you for your patience


19 July, 7.30pm; 26th & 27th July, 9pm | Showroom Studio | £8

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In Onkalo, Finland, nuclear waste is being buried to break down over 100,000 years. What message could ever communicate such a warning to future generations?

Performed alongside a live soundscape, Thank You For Your Patience explores how we pass on danger, how we protect one another from curiosity, and whether memories can ever be buried.

Performed by Hector Dyer, sound by Rob Morton and directed by Georgie Staight.

About the artists:

dyer | morton is a collaboration between performer Hector Dyer (In Your Own Time, Barbican) and sound artist Rob Morton (First Circle). Thank you for your patience is directed by Georgie Staight (Artistic Director of Flux Theatre).

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