Thank You for Your Patience by Hector Dyer

A new play in development, written & performed by Hector Dyer and directed by Sam Curtis Lindsay

‘No sun to know days, no moon to know months, no sense to know years.’

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE is a compelling, unsettling  one-person theatre piece which interweaves different narrative strands to explore the impossible environmental legacies we are creating for future generations.

The work centres around the story of a distant future world in which people uncover buried nuclear waste. Lyrical, folkloric and driven by epic imagery, this is a screaming nightmare which builds to a deafening crescendo.

‘From what tumbles out of us, old words that had been lying inside us as if they were dead, we build stories.’

Intercut with this dystopian poem which looks so far to the future that it hurts our eyes, is a present day story which examines the notions of memory, storytelling and legacy. 

Work-in-progress performances of Thank You For Your Patience took place at Inkonst in Malmo, Sweden as part of Perpetual Uncertainty on 4 May 2018 and NESTA’s Futurefest on 6/7 July 2018.