TF2016 DAY 9

29 July | £11 Day Pass

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9am: Chelsea Coon – Diastole

My work explores questions about beginnings and endings, life and death, the internal and external, and imminence of existence; collisions of space, phases, the simultaneous speeding up and slowing down of time, cycles, and the way in which the body on an elemental level is rooted to space.

Diastole, a phase of the heartbeat, is a 10 hour durational piece that will result from an accumulation of actions each hour and will slowly reveal more through the fragments pieced together over time.



Rudolf’s rites and artefacts are portals to the traumatic expanses and abysses of human existence his trail of work leads deep down to – and through – the nethermost regions of the human psyche. Rudolf’s research de-occults the psychic body through psycho-physical tests and trainings. He employs and combines abreactive and cleansing actionism with sonic rituals, psychoactive acoustics and close-up field recordings of nature and decay, generating audio- environments into which he plants grotesque psycho- magic rituals and tantric exercises to trigger a nondual, higher awareness. Rudolf (also known as Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck and now focusing on his new project Conscious Dying) founded the Schimpfluch extreme and outsider artist collective in Zürich in 1987, highly regarded for their unique and obscure aural and visual work. Their confrontational, physically demanding performances and shock treatments remove the boundaries of the body and open up accesses to the collective unconscious.


KYLIE MINOISE WILL PERFORM HIS VERSION OF THE NIRVANA ALBUM ‘IN UTERO’ IN ITS ENTIRETY. KYLIE MINOISE is Jesus Christ’s favourite noise artist. Over the last decade he has unleashed a zodiac of unforgettable collisions while performing in over twenty countries breaking hearts, microphones and minds. His recorded output provides limitless opportunity for bickering and confrontation with over fifty releases on various international record labels including Harbinger Sound, Dirter Promotions and his own label Kovorox Sound. His insistent aural savagery has made him a hero of young and old alike and a great number of exotic members of the animal kingdom admire his dedication to absolute antisocial provocation as a life force. He is watching you while you sleep. He is in love with you. He will probably kill you.


Louis Fleischauer – Primordial Kaos Invocation (return to Gaia’s womb)

The ritual will include elements of the Modern Primitive (hooks), dance, sound/Human Instruments (hooks in skin and heartbeat as sound source) and audience participation. The womb as an archetype for a primordial source of our core being, the source of where we came from. Modern human has been disconnected from this. The Idea behind the ritual is create a raw primal energy and embrace the element of Pure Kaos, therefore creating a link to the Womb Gaia. Kaos separates the living creature from the machine, humanity’s destructive obsession with order and control violates the earth, until balance is restored, Pure Kaos is the antidote!

Jin Bells – Cleansed

An exploration of forgetting, memory and exorcism.

Mentored by Manuel Vason

Advance signing up required:

Robert Hesp – Bathe

A site of attempted rebirth. Of retreat and healing. The need for more than a vessel. The desire to return. To vanish and slip beneath the glass. Reanimating the classical figure of the nude bather, Bathe functions as part performance installation – part participatory experience, creating a shared liminal space; a body of water and light in which self can be lost or compounded. A choreography of both privacy and visibility, Bathe invites you to soak or observe as part of a durational communal experience. Bathe is a installed sculpture, open for audience and participants over a 3 hour period. Bathers must sign up in advance via the form below. Places are strictly limited.

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