Success: What Next?

Novara Media

30 November 2017 | Showroom Big Space | 7pm | £3/£5/£8

  • Novara Media presents Success: What Next? | 30 November

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With a Corbyn government looking increasingly likely, actual implementation of radical ideas is within arms reach. In many ways, the culture and politics of the radical left have more influence in British politics now than ever before.

Now that the immediate need to fight electoral battles is on hold, we have the opportunity to address the ideas and strategies of the future. Whether you’re a full-on Corbynite, or have one foot in and one foot out of the party, or a critical friend of the project, engaged in grassroots struggle and projects outside its ambit, the key question is: what next?

Chaired by Kirsty Major (Commissioning editor at the Independent), speakers include:

  • Laura Pidcock MP
  • Ash Sarkar (Senior editor at Novara Media)
  • Ewa Jasiewicz (Palestine Solidarity Activist, Union Organiser and part of the editorial collective Le Monde)
  • Mika Minio-Paluello (Campaigner at Platform, Labour Energy Forum and Operation Anti Sexual Harassment)
  • Maya Goodfellow (Writer, Researcher and Journalist for Media Diversified and LabourList)

With a special afterparty DJ’d by Feminist Jukebox (9pm – 11pm)