Shesus & the Sistas | Self Service – A Resurrection Story

23 September | Showroom Big Space | 8pm | £13.50

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After a stonking festival success, Shesus & the Sistas are back for an end of summer jaunt with their Easter show (because why not!) With a poptastic, stupid disco after too. It’s a proper night out.

Sometimes death is the only option – just make sure that on your way out, you make a serious fuss.

A story of self-love, lunacy & transformationalisationic behaviour.
Come & be touched by Shesus and the Sistas, both inside & out.

Shesus is your multi-gendered Miss-iah reincarnation. The Sistas are genuine twins. Together, they have come to heal you. This trio of fools bash out entertainment found somewhere between comedy, cabaret and therapy and by the end of the night they guarantee you’ll be dancing and leave fully healed.

“Thank you Shesus & the Sistas for letting me bear witness to your cheeky Easter antics” Sair Khan (Alya Nazir from Coronation Street)

“Shesus & the Sistas are a riot of top-dancing, nun-hilarity, participation & party atmosphere!” Lorraine Bowen (Britains Got Talent)