Shorts: Queer, Far, Wherever You Are

20 Nov | Showroom Big Space | 4pm | FREE


With distances overcome, losses pondered and one or two cravings satisfied, this collection of poignant shorts explores intimacies across time and space.

Onionskin / Reetta Elviira H / Finland 2016 / 2’23

Tiny queer pairings spring from the tears of an aquatic plant, but when two are accidentally separated they must battle land and water to be reunited.

PASTRY / Eduardo Barreto / UK 2016 / 11’44

With longing glances over cream-filled pastry, this short set on Columbia Road in the East End is a feast for the eyes. Basically, the great British Lez off.

Buddy / Niels Bourgonje / Netherlands 2016 /11’30

A young man reconnects with an ex in need of support during an HIV test, hoping to rekindle a lost flame.

Persistence of Memory / Natalie Tsui / US 2016 / 15’48

Strange and poignant vision of intimacy, technology and artifice set in a minimalist future scape.

Vanilla / Juan Beiro / Spain 2015 / 10’00

When your lover’s last words to you are ‘this dog looks like a meatball’, it brings a fresh perspective on death, loss, and the endearing silliness of everyday intimacies.

ALFA / Javier Ferreiro / Cuba 2016 / 17’47

Cuban gay porn actor Alfa returns to the set where he filmed with lost lover Yerry, causing him to reflect on the past.

Moon Song / Mafer López / Mexico 2016 / 03’05

Two lonely souls overcome distances astronomical to find love.

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