Daniel P Cunningham Workshop | HOMeO-ECSTATIC-REMEDIES: Physical Performance Training

23 April | Showroom Big Space | 1-5pm | £30/£25

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Physical Theatre workshop HOMeO-ECSTATIC-REMEDIES with Daniel P Cunningham (Former member of Teatr ZAR – Grotowski institute, Wroclaw- Poland) & Dr Mark J Hamilton (Early training with original members of Grotowski company & student of Nadine George)

Our work HOMeO-Ecstatic-Remedies is a performance practice that invites urban mixed communities (different ages, genders, sexualities, and cultures).

Dr Mark J Hamilton’s early work with Zygmunt Molik ( original Grotowski Company) & Jolanta Cynkutis means that that our physical training is rooted in the source!

This Performer Training is open to performers/artists who wish to join a vigorous intimate training process developed alongside Dan and Mark’s current performance Salvation: Shamanic Striptease

The training is for artists who want to free their bodies through movement, to unlock inhibitions, build performance stamina, work with close partner contact & dance to banging beats to reach ecstatic levels of energetic movement.

Implicit in our work is a celebration of physicality at its fullest and proof that alcohol and drugs are not necessary for ecstatic joy – Come get high with us ! You know you want 2!

We propose that you come as you are, exactly, how you are.

A physical commitment is required for this work.

Please email dan.peter.cunningham@gmail.com after you have booked a place, for information about how to prepare for the workshop