Scottee Presents Party Politics

8 / 15 / 22 June | 8pm | £8 / £5 | Showroom Big Space

Party Politics
Image: Bourgeois & Maurice by Holly Revell

Are you a bit confused about what all this EU referendum stuff means, bae? Are you bored of the middle aged white men fighting on the telly as to who is right? Would you like to talk about your European feelings whilst drinking cold beer?

Scottee invites all confused, nonplussed and apathetic voters to three public discussions ahead of the EU referendum. With a bunch of his mates, youthful political pundits, some people you recognise off the telly, lush comedy and cabaret talent, he’ll explore what’s at stake should we decide to divorce the EU fam.

We’ll attempt to answer the questions you’re too scared to ask, hear what some career politicians think and give you felt tips to express your feelings. Edgy.
“This isn’t a party political broadcast, it’s a political party.