Sticky Digits – An Audience With Pamela DeMenthe

18 March | 8pm | £8

12. Sticky Digits

Frampton-on-Severn’s finest self published erotica author shares with an audience the secrets of her literary success and invites fans to hear a reading of her latest scorcher Sticky Digits.

“A spellbinding erotic masterpiece, will set pulses racing and also explore the inner workings of the human condition, whilst commenting on the health and safety regulations of south west nuclear power organisations” DeMenthe publishing.

“Never In my life have I read such a …erotic novel. DeMenthe has an incredibl[e] …grasp of English, being able to…even string a sentence together. ‘Sticky Digits’ is erotic writing at it’s [best]. It contains … Metaphors…sexual imagery and a…use of …adjectives. This is a …book!”
South Gloucestershire Echo

We stole a moment with Pamela to ask her a few Qs…

What can we expect from your show?
A high energy comedy satire that will pull you into the dark and surreal world of Pamela DeMenthe. There wont be a dry seat in the house!

Why do you think we need Wo! show and tell festival?
Great to have platform for a wide range of performance from WOMEN!

Who/what inspired you to create your show?
When I saw the title of online erotica book “gang bang with a cyclops” I knew I had a show to make!

Any words or advice for your fellow humans?
Never stop laughing at how absurd the world is and come and see my show.

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