New Futurism

Our New Futurism programme runs a number of projects which all seeks to place tools into the hands of our communities to better equip ourselves to face our uncertain future.


Futureheads Summer Project for 8-11s


Futureheads is an action-packed project  bursting with mind-bending challenges, ridiculously silly games & wild outdoor adventures to develop children’s future-facing skills in problem solving, divergent thinking & ingenuity. Stay tuned for updates of our next Futureheads project.



Do politicians and economists mystify the system to prevent us from kicking back?  Do you ever get this nagging feeling that if you could just understand how the economy works, you could figure out how to fight for a more equitable society? 

In 2018 Hackney Showroom presented a series of free masterclasses on a range of subjects around the economy, debt and finance. Presented in partnership with POSITVE MONEY & NEW ECONOMICS FOUNDATION MONEY is an accessible, informal series of workshops-lectures-discussions. For more information on the sessions delivered, see our archive here.


Stay tuned for a return of the MONEY project.