Novara Media | Money for Nothing?

14 April | Showroom Big Space | 7pm | From £4

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Have you heard? The robots are coming for our jobs and we should rejoice. A post work future of luxury and utopia is on the horizon. Machines and algorithms will labour away while we enjoy four hour work days and a universal basic income funded by the increase in automation.

However, there are serious questions as to the viability and appeal of a post-work politics. For nearly a century theorists have been prematurely predicting the end of work, and critics argue this latest turn is an economically utopian, hip fad that would never sell outside of metropolitan centres and risks entrenching global inequality.

In this Novara IRL we’ll explore the future of work and wages, pitting a post work politics against Keynesian solutions (full employment, decent jobs and better distributed wages) in an attempt to work out what we want, and how we should fight for it.

Jeremy Gilbert – Professor of cultural and political theory at the University of East London
Joanna Biggs – Editor of the London Review of Books and author of All Day Long: A Portrait of Britain at Work
Alex Gordon – Former President of the RMT
Aaron Bastani – Senior Novara editor and fully automated luxury communist.

Chair: Eleanor Penny – Senior Novara editor.

After Party: 10pm – 2am. More details soon.