Le Fil: 24/7 Live

14 September | Showroom Big Space | 8pm | £12/£10

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Come join British-Chinese provocateur pop artist Le Fil, as he, she or it explores a 24/7 world of gay-straight men, desire and objectification through a fusion of hip-thrusting, pounding music, twisted autobiography and gender-bending performance art.

Premiering at Hackney Showroom, this ‘pop-gig-with-extras’ opens its doors to cruising toilets, bad romances and the modern constructions of gender that packages us up for consumption. Armed with killer hooks and queer looks, Le Fil is ready to smash gender stereotypes one song at a time.

Expect striking visuals, dancers and warped pop routines to a kaleidoscopic soundtrack of live music taken from Le Fil’s Pop Sculpture and Nightlife EPs that will leave you gagging for more.

Try before you buy folks, it’s open 24/7… how will you have yours?

About the artist:

Le Fil is an independent British-Chinese multimedia pop artist hailing from the exotic lands of Yorkshire. As both the sculptor and the sculpture, Le Fil is constantly transforming; using his body and art to challenge notions of gender and identity.

The name Le Fil is an abbreviated version of the artists’ birth name Philip – whilst playfully referring to his androgyny through the French masculine appropriation of the term ‘the girl’ (‘la fille’). Translated in French, Le Fil means the thread, which the artist has taken to symbolize ‘a continuing thread’ that weaves together his diverse range of genres and disciplines.

With a creative background that fuses glossy pop songwriting, to outlandish performance art, or carving conceptual body-sculptures – Le Fil straddles the worlds of music, art and now, theatre, in order to present touching, personal statements where we can all find something to relate to. Previous exhibitions and performances have featured at Camberwell Space, The Barbican, Royal Vauxhall Tavern and The Glory.

“A living, breathing pop sculpture!” Attitude

“Sparkingly original” QX Magazine

“Abhorrent” Anonymous audience member

With support by Outset Contemporary Art Fund.