JOY! Shorts I

7 April | £12 | Showroom Big Space | 7.30pm

  • Dalston Ballet


Ckin2U & Chloé LaGucci & Alex Lenkemz | Werq in Progress 

What if the subjectivity of our choreography, especially as it relates to difficult, and tense political upheaval in Europe, could be replaced with unrelenting, cunty, queer, non-conforming fierceness? There is also a Werq in Progress Workshop taking place on 6 April.

Dalston Ballet

In between messing with your mangoes, Dalston Ballet are keen to make the disciplines cross and create original work for live performance, film and installation, that employs music, dance, text, light, fashion, digital tech, to explore ideas around philosophy, sexual politics and notions of dramaturgy.

Thomas Körtvélyessy | medvetánc [bear dance] degrees of (in)tangiblity : Savage 

Drawing from Eurasian traditions of bear dances and dancing bears, Hungarian-German choreographer Thomas Körtvélyessy performs a striptease about personal desire, in an intersectional balance of stereotypes, hegemony, and popular music & imagery, in continuous exchange with the audience and potentially close encounters of the hairy kind.

Alessandro Marzotto Levy | Slit Smile

Slit Smile is a movement-based solo performance that explores the deep-rooted subversive potential of joy on the assumption that any deliberate suppression of joy is the mark of tyranny and dull-faced conformism.

Josh Spear | Planet: Dysphoria

Planet: Dysphoria maps the history of gun culture in the USA from cartoons and westerns to their nexus in today’s politics.

Joé de Vivre | Motherland

A tightly packed slug of pure X-rated patriotism.

The House of Strays | Everything in Between

There is birth there is death and there is everything in between. Miss your stop, loose your shit, get fat, go to the zoo, don’t give in, stop the traffic, feel the sun, believe naively, spill the beans, keep it, make a wish, save your money, spend it all, sleep, sleep more, don’t let the cat out of the bag, walk towards the sunset, make another wish, follow the cows, go to yoga, just ask…