JOY & DISSENT: A festival of cultural activism

27 March – 9 April

  • Megan Ford: Unbossed: Live | 6 April

What does joyousness look like as a political performance strategy? Can joy or beauty be radical forms of protest? Or should resistance by its very nature be painful? Come and MEGA-LOL in the face of adversity or simply sob-chuckle into your laps. Let us bask in the light, plight and darkness of these incredible artists as they attempt to illuminate and embolden us. 

Curated by Hackney Showroom Artistic Director Sam Curtis Lindsay and Associate Artist Malik Nashad Sharpe, JOY & DISSENT is an exuberant festival of  live performance across dance, comedy, drag, spoken word, live art, physical theatre & workshops. 


“This festival is really about contextualising and materialising joyousness, in its many iterations and understandings, as forms of dissent amidst the currently abject hegemonic moment. The artists curated to participate in this two-week event are gathered by the visceral nature of their work and a myriad of engagements with joy and dissent… expect anti-fascist wrestling silence, bear-dances, gunshots, and lots of running around in the sharpest stilettos. This festival is about using the material, the body, the stage, the air and the witness, to suggest a new kind of strategy (DISSENT DISSENT DISSENT) to emerge new worlds.”
Malik Nashad Sharpe

  • Access All Areas' Black Cab Company present Winged | 15-16 Feb