Joan Laage presents… Earth Tomes: Celebrating the Earth

Fri 11 March
£10 | £8

Joan Laage 1

Earth Tomes is a Butoh dance performance for 4 dancers with a live sound installation.

In this age of disconnection from nature, Earth Tomes takes us straight back to the source with a welcome revelation of the body as earth and, through continual transformation, reveals the changing landscape of the body.

Earth Tomes was first performed as a site-specific solo in a greenhouse in Malmo, Sweden as part of a symposium on the body and memory in February 2015.

On her March 2016 Europe tour, Joan collaborates with local performers in England and Germany.

Directed by Joan Laage (Kogut Butoh)
Interactive sound by Lee Berwick
Performed by Sally Dean, Dominique Bonarjee, Joan Laage and Rachel Sweeney

Joan Laage

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