Jayde 31

21 July | 9.15pm | £8


“I was probably about 7 years old when I first went on a stage in front of people. In a tight sequined lycra onesie. I used to dance with my sister, but I had no confidence so I was shit but we still had to dance together. She was a really good dancer. I still did it even though I never placed. I never got the main roles in the school plays or musicals, I was always the nurses servants servant with a line crowbarred into the script because i’m excellent at looking disappointed.

This is my own show about the last 31 years. You won’t know who I am yet but you’ll definitely recognise that over exuberant child at the party who nobody knows what to do with.

That was me and so is this.”

Jayde Adams is these days ‘a fearless force of nature.’ But she didn’t used to be. She used to have no friends, no confidence, cared too much about other people’s opinions and talk so much, no one knew what to do with her. She was always funny though.

A new show created by Jayde Adams
Directed by Berk’s Nest
Produced and Directed by Berk’s Nest

“A fearless force of nature.”
The Independent

Funny Women 2014
London Cabaret Audience Award 2014


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