A series of FREE workshop brought to you by Tempting Failure for children and young people with an interest in art, music or performance. You do not have to be the best artist but just have an interest and desire to join in. Spaces are limited and must be booked in advance. Workshops are open to all – should you have any disability requirements please email in advance: contact@temptingfailure.com with the subject heading ‘HALFTERM’.

TF 2016

1 JUNE | 10am-12pm | SOUNDHOPPERS | 5-11s

This is a two hour morning sound and listening workshop, aimed at families with children aged between 5-11 years old.The sessions aim to encourage careful and deep environmental listening, and a playful engagement with sound as a creative medium. The sessions are split into a listening section and a playing section. The listening section involves games and exercises exploring various qualities of sound – whether that’s proximity (i.e. how far or close a sound is), timbre (i.e. the tonality and type of sound), volume (i.e. how loud or quiet a sound is), or spatiality (i.e. where a sound is located). The playing section involves generating sounds using specially constructed Soundboxes, various bits of percussion, digital devices, micro synths, and found objects. All materials are supplied and parents may either stay to watch and assist their child or leave their children in the care of the workshop leaders who are DBS certifcated.

Led by Wajid Yaseen & Helen Frosi who both have a long standing interest in sound art. Find out more by visiting: www.soundhoppers.com

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1 JUNE | 11.30am-5pm | WALKING & DRAWING | 11-16s

The workshop will encourage you to develop your own sensitivities to the urban environment, creating stories through drawing and performance making.It commences with a one hour walk of discovery as we become detectives looking for phenomena in the streets and local neighbourhood with which to create a performance drawing before taking time to pause for lunch.* We will then return to the studio and through the afternoon utilse the memory of your journey through found objects and souvenirs, to create materials to draw or perform with in our unique paper theatre.You will be able to work as an individual or in groups and we will document each performance before cutting out the pages from our paper theatre of Walking and Drawing to keep as a memory for future performance.

All materials supplied, bring your favourite notebooks, cameras and comfortable active wear suitable for all weathers. Our workshop leader has a valid DBS certificate. *Please bring your own pack lunch for this workshop.

Led by Jonathan Polkest who makes and designs installations, two-dimensional artworks and objects.

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This workshop is about you and your audience. It’s about participation and interactivity. It’s about playfulness in the performance space. Through a series of games and exercises, we’ll look at how we might make performance work that actively involves the audience. How we might create a space for the unknown, for participation, and for meaningful experiences. It will be a high-spirited few hours where we dream, play, and explore the space between you and the audience members.

Led by Kelly Miller who is a co-director of AMINAL. AMINAL’s work is often intimate and participatory, playfully addressing social issues while maintaining a sense of their urgency.

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