Half Term Lunches for Kids



Mon 26 Oct | 1.30-2pm | Free

Hackney Showroom is offering food bags to residents of Kings Crescent Estate, Hackney, to support families in need with kids’ lunches this half term.

Bags must be collected on Monday 26 Oct between 1.30-2pm from Hackney Showroom, 4 Murrain Road, Kings Crescent Estate, N4 2BN.

Each bag contains:

– 400g block of cheddar
– tin of tuna chunks in spring water
– loaf of sliced wholemeal bread
– pack of 6 white crusty roles
– pack of cherry tomatoes
– a cucumber
– bag of apples
– bag of orange
– pack of grapes
– chocolate biscuits

Please book your bag below. Each bag is for a family with 1-2 children (so book 2 bags if you have 3-4 kids).

This is a trial and something we are hoping to offer in school holidays in the future. If you have any feedback or comments, please let us know on the check-out form when booking, or alternatively, email nina@hackneyshowroom.com or 020 3095 9747