Hackney Heartland Discs

In August 2020 kids from Hackney were invited to join our radio project and interview a family member about songs that are special to them. Listen again below to hear an incredible selection of sounds and stories.

Friday 14 August 10.30am: David & Mum Part 1

David interviews his mum, Iris who talks about her love for Soul II Soul and the importance of black music growing up in the UK in the 80s.

Saturday 15 August 10.30am: David & Mum Part 2 // Tarjae & Gran

Tarjae interviews his gran, Marilyn who talks about gospel music, Jamaican independence and learning the Jamaican national anthem as a child.

Sunday 16 August 10.30am: Ifeoma & Sister

Ife interviews her 21 year old sister Glory who talks about how Tu Pac’s lyrics have much more meaning to her now she has grown up.

Monday 17 August 10.30am: Emre & Mum

Emre interviews his mum Emine who talks about Greek love songs, why Gangnam Style is important to her and the song she heard when she gave birth to him.

With thanks to Rachel Roussel-Tyson for supporting our junior radio journalists on this project.

Disco Loco Radio Big Weekender was produced and curated by Toby Kidd and supported by Arts Council England.