A new play by Peter Clements & Oliver Dawe

4-21 October 2017 | Showroom Big Space | 7.30pm | From £10

Running time: approx. 2 hours with interval

  • Frau Welt | 4-21 October

The story of one outsider’s quest for belonging.

The infamous, international shape-shifter Frau Welt tells her story for the first and last time in this genre-busting new play. In anticipation of her retirement, join the cult of Frau worshippers to experience the egomaniacal Midas touch of this grande dame of the theatre. From Weimar Berlin to Broadway stardom, her secret is finally exposed.

Unique in form, this one (wo)man play takes the traditions and tropes of drag cabaret into the heart of a narrative-led drama.

Frau Welt’s story charts her struggle to the top, from the discovery of her love for the theatre and humble beginnings in Weimar Berlin to her eventual win of a Tony Award on Broadway, cementing her place as a true icon and national treasure.

But all is not what it seems. Repressed memories rise to the surface and a far darker version of events begins to appear, blurring the line between reality and fantasy. A horrifying revelation about her duplicitous past turns her world, and ours, upside down.

Frau Welt is a play about the outsider and the consequences of a life excluded. It examines the masks we wear in our search for acceptance and belonging.

“Demented nightclub hostess, archly flirtatious confidante, cantankerous old bag”
Exeunt Magazine

Frau Welt Peter Clements
Director Oliver Dawe
Designer Jo Scotcher
Associate Designer Amelia Jane Hankin
Sound Design Owen Crouch
Movement Jane Gibson
Dramaturg Tim Crouch
Photography Holly Revell

About Peter Clements & Oliver Dawe:
Hackney Showroom Associate Artists Peter Clements and and Oliver Dawe met while
training at Drama Centre London. Since then, the pair have worked on several
productions together. Frau Welt was born out of their mutual desire to collaborate
closely as performer and director to create a piece of theatre that pushes the
boundaries of form and genre.

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