Shorts: We Recruit! An Elegy to First Fires

18 Nov | Showroom Studio | 7pm | FREE


A queer disposition can make young desire even more all-encompassing, and heartbreak all the more devastating. To be young and in love means being brave, taking risks, and leaning on your new chosen family for fun, love, friendship, and hope. These films transport you to a time when lovers represented freedom, and held all the cards. To the moments in life that teach us the most about how to love, and who we can be. Sexy, moving, heartwarming, this programme resonates like the first time.

1992 / Anthony Doncque / France 2015 / 25’00

A classroom assistant catches the eye of shy cinephile Martin, and they embark on a clamorous affair that changes the 17 year old’s life forever when Martin’s sexuality is revealed to his father.

All cats are pink in the dark / Guillaume Renusson / France 2015 / 19’45

17 year old Alice is introduced to tenderness and freedom through a magical encounter with the impulsive and enigmatic Lola; a moment of instant recognition, connection and romance.

SOFT BUT STRONG / Daria Marie / Germany/Japan 2016 / 3’33

A dreamlike rumination on lesbian desire and romance between two Japanese lovers with a sensuality and honesty for life that many will remember from their own first fires.

Solar Wind / Wei-Che, Hung / Taiwan 2015 / 11’32

Sensual and poetic Taiwanese drama about a young man who is in love with his friend. In their museum, surrounded by light and movement, he leaps into the unknown, finding solace in the certainty of change.

Sunday Morning Coming Down / Harry Lighton / United Kingdom 2016 / 20’00

Feelings erupt by the British seaside  in this original and naturalistic Brit drama exploring public sex and male intimacy in an  age before online dating.

The Cricket and the Ant / Julia Ritschel / Germany 2016 / 15’08

This sexy short sees the first flame of young desire fire up wildly, followed by the first heartbreak. A memorable part of most people’s queer experience and, just like us, our protagonist survives.

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