Megan Ford: Feminasty

17 March | 8pm | £10


The world is a terrible place and it’s all the fault of the corporations who run the media. Megan Ford finds this hilarious. So she wrote a comedy show about it. With little reverence or subtlety, she tackles difficult subjects from gender representation to rape culture using silly voices and swear words.

The result is an obnoxious comedy show all about the stupid media from a piece of American trash. Armed with horrible characters, dumb sketches, and incredible rap songs, Megan Ford takes down the patriarchy with nothing but her bare hands and some fabulous wigs.

We asked Megan some Qs about Feminasty…

In a nutshell, what can we expect from your show?
A patriarchy smashing party with wigs, silly voices, and hip hop.

Why do you think we need Wo! Show & Tell festival?
Because female artists are still not programmed as often as the dudes and a lot of great work is being missed out by audiences.

Who/what inspired you to create your show?
Everything I watch, read, listen to makes me angry.  I made Feminasty so I could make everyone else angry about it too and feel less alone. Fortunately the inequality is so absurd it’s funny, so we can have a good laugh about how shit everything is before we go out and smash it all up.

Any words of advice to your fellow humans today?
Don’t be a dick. Listen to each other. Educate yourself and do the reading. Nobody else is gonna solve this mess, so you’ve gotta put in the work yourself. Although if you spell it ‘werk’ it’s much more fun.

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