Isobel Rogers | Elsa

23 July | Showroom Studio | 7.30pm | £8

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Elsa fits in everywhere and nowhere. She is invited to a coffee morning ‘with the girls’ and wants to run away as soon as she sits down. As Elsa is confronted with different characters (from literature and reality) she begins to lead the lives of Nina, Miranda, Lillian and Grace in her head. Keeping a part of herself elsewhere through song, Elsa plays a trick on a world that keeps telling her how to ‘be.’
A play on the open mic format, Elsa brings a sense of humour and theatricality to the everyday, telling us to laugh at what we ‘should’ be doing and seek comfort in our imagination.

About Isobel Rogers:

Isobel Rogers is a writer singer and performer. She is artist in residence at the Roundhouse and a writer on Soho Young Writers. As a songwriter, she has supported artists Camille O Sullivan and the Tiger Lilies.