Two Tongue Theatre | Boys Club

2 April, 5pm  |  3 April, 7.30pm  |  Showroom Studio  |  £12

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What can women do to be on stage?
Become men.

Two out-of-work actresses cross-dress to present the monthly Boys Club. Tonight’s hosts have come all the way from France! Jules is smooth and suave. Jo is rough and unstoppable. Together they deliver a testosterone-fuelled routine of farcical dances and macho flirting until a series of accidents forces them to rethink their options.

Two Tongue Theatre is London-based duo, Sharlit Deyzac and Leonor Lemee. Moved by a joyful attraction for what is strange, dark, funny and disturbing, their theatre playfully explores the female experience and combines intense physical performances, multiple languages and audience interaction.

‘Never has an act been better timed. Fresh, funny, smart and engaging’ Lucy Loves Circus blog

‘It’s like Reservoir Dogs meets the Spice Girls via Alexi Sayle, fantastic fun with a good dangerous bite to it’ (Audience member)