Shorts: Body Politik

20 Nov | Showroom Big Space | 1.30pm | FREE


Bodies that provoke, challenge, transgress and uplift – 8 shorts that push the perception of the skin we live in. Narrative film, documentary and high-camp pop each tell a story of a body in life and motion. Radical and emancipatory, these shorts explore the various ways in which the body gets politicised,  with challenging, playful, and rallying gusto.

Queer witch / Camille Ducellier / France 2016 / 12’00

A moving depiction of a radical couple and their pursuit of a new world.

Crooked / Briana Blades, Kristin Kent / Canada 2014 / 5’39

Genderqueer journalist, activist and punk Jess knows the body is always political.

To bed with Francisco / Francisco Sfeir / Argentina 2014  / 7’00

A defiant portrait of an empowered trans gay man fully owning his sexuality as a ‘trans fat faggot without a dick’.

Feminino / Carolina Queiroz / Brazil 2016 / 26’00

Beautifully filmed personal polemic of an exuberant and challenging performer.

DENIM – DENIM (The Music Video) / Matthew Hammett Knott / United Kingdom 2016 / 5’06

Uplifting music video: Imagine Girls Aloud with higher energy and better make up.

Red / Márcia Bellotti / Brazil 2014 / 5’00

Visually complex compelling examination of a women’s bound body.

Stormy Leather – The Naked girl of burlesque /alexandre degardin/ France 2013 / 8’30

A gorgeous look at boundary pushing burlesque, with added Cylons.

Venus / Faye Carr-Wilson / United Kingdom 2016 / 5’40

A unique performer embodies the transformative powerment of drag.

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