Gavino di Vino | Auntie

28 July | Showroom Studio | 9pm | £8

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Introducing AUNTIE: Dame Edna meets Nollywood meets Hyacinth Bucket via the fictional pan-African nation of Kengeria.

AUNTIE is a black character comedy about a black Hackney family that puts the spotlight on pious Auntie, who vocalises her disdain for tracksuits and chicken shops, which are far from her glossy mag dreams of sipping champagne in Buckingham Palace.

Mtoto, (‘child’ in Swahili) her gay, mixed-race, son throws razor-shape shade, battles his way through the evils of homophobia and ‘polite’ racism in rapidly gentrifying Hackney, and ferociously exposes the injustice that surrounds him at home and on the street.

This fresh new comedy explores the poignant issues of immigration, post-colonialism, gentrification and of course, worship!

Gavino di Vino, Writer of AUNTIE, says “the show is inspired by my own experiences of facing the same issues as Mtoto growing up in the North West and the experiences of people I have met, I blend all of this to portray the kaleidoscope of identities that is London, much of which provided the verbatim dialogue for the script, switching between a dozen characters which reveal the horror and hilarity of multicultural Britain in the 21st century.”

“Di Vino’s embodiment of the character is unshakable and honest, every word and gesture filled with humour and reality.” ★★★★ The Open Door