Jayde Adams – Jayde 31

18 March | 9pm | £8

a work in progress


“I was probably about 7 years old when I first went on a stage in front of people. In a tight sequined lycra onesie. I used to dance with my sister, but I had no confidence so I was shit but we still had to dance together. She was a really good dancer. I still did it even though I never placed.  I never got the main roles in the school plays or musicals, I was always the nurses servants servant with a line crowbarred into the script because i’m excellent at looking disappointed.

This is my own show about the last 31 years. You won’t know who I am yet but you’ll definitely recognise that over exuberant child at the party who nobody knows what to do with.

That was me and so is this.”

Jayde Adams is these days ‘a fearless force of nature.’ But she didn’t used to be. She used to have no friends, no confidence, cared too much about other people’s opinions and talk so much, no one knew what to do with her.

She was always funny though.

“Britain’s funniest woman comic.”
The Daily Mail (and they hate women.)

“A fearless force of nature.”
The Independent

“Very funny…highly accomplished.”
The Herald Sun, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Funny Women 2014
London Cabaret Audience Award 2014

The Hospital Club THC100 list of influential people in the arts 2013

We caught up with Jayde Adams and asked her a few Qs:

In a nutshell, what can we expect from your show?
It’s gonna be rough as a badgers ass because it’s my first preview but I can guarantee laughs mate even if it’s at me instead of with me, I’m cool with that. Loads of laughs, a bit of tears maybe but not for long and a big finale with a very special guest.

Why do you think we need Wo! Show and Tell festival?
Because Hackney Showroom have good taste, and it’s about time we had some venues who book lady based performance that is full of quality. Too much bloody crap out there and obviously when us wims are crap our whole gender gets pulled into question “women can’t make people laugh”. Obviously I’m as bold to say that about myself but the line up is pretty bloody sweet and I think that’s pretty great.

Who/what inspired you to create/make your show?
My life. I’ve got a story about everything and i’ve lived 5 lives in 31 years. I’m pretty knackered so it’s about time I used those experiences for entertainment.Any words of advice to your fellow humans today?
Just smash life in the dick and stop giving so much of a shit what people think about you.

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