Double Bill | Alexis: Blurred Lines | Val and Emily

Wed 9 & Fri 11 Sept, 6.45pm
20 min
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Alexis: Blurred Lines
A film by Joseph Wilson and Emily McDonald
With Alexis Raven Bathory & Deb Thompson


23 year old Alexis has always known that she was born into the wrong body. Through a mixture of interviews and video diaries, we follow Alexis through her own personal journey through facial feminisation surgery. This short film documents Alexis’s initial steps to finally changing her physical appearance to match the way she always felt on the inside.

Val and Emily
A film by Joseph Wilson

Val and Emily

Val and Emily is a short film based upon a series of questions addressing how lesbian daughter Emily McDonald came to terms with her sexuality and how her mother Val provided her with nothing more than love and support.

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