Travis Alabanza | BURGERZ

27 March |  Showroom Studio  |  7.30pm  |  £6

  • Travis Alabanza | BURGERZ

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Hurled words. Thrown Objects. Dodged burgers.
I was called Faggot 60 times in public last year.
15 different men tried to follow me home.
A woman told her child not to sit next to me on the tube.

Performance artist Travis Alabanza presents  a first showing of their new piece Burgerz which explores the act of survival, the way a body can dodge objects and how a person is received and examined in the public sphere.

An exploration of the harassment Travis (and other trans bodies) experienced in public throughout 2016, Burgerz asks the question: what does the trans body do in order to survive and how does one become a protector, rather than bystander? Combining live theatrics, poetry, soundscape and projection, the performance gives a voice to the often silenced, presenting a piece that is both timely and true to Alabanza’s style: unsettling and powerful.

A work-in-progress performance.

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