Asylum Monologues

17 March | 9pm | £8

10. Asylum Monologues

Presented by ice&fire’s Actors for Human Rights project, these astonishing verbatim monologues are a first-hand account of the UK’s asylum system, in the words of people who have experienced it.

Tonight’s Asylum Monologues feature the stories of three women: two asylum seekers and one a UK Border Agency whistle-blower.

We asked the crew at ice&fire a few Qs about Asylum Monologues:

In a nutshell, what can we expect from this evening?
True stories – testimonies from people who have experienced the UK’s asylum system, performed by top actors.

Why do you think we need Wo! Show & Tell festival?
It is important, to ensure women’s voices are heard and to encourage the development of new works.
Any words of advice to your fellow humans today?
Come along and find out how you can get involved with local charities in Hackney.

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